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Elevating Lives and Inspiring Change: Discover CocoFood's Positive Impact

Big-picture Goals


Imagine a world where every meal is a journey, where every bite tells a story, and where every dish carries the essence of a place and its people. This is the world we're creating. We encourage you to take bold steps, to explore the unknown, and to embrace new experiences. Just as a diverse menu offers a plethora of flavors, life offers countless opportunities for growth and discovery.

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Tea Culture


Tea has a unique way of encouraging introspection. It's in the quiet moments, as you watch the tea leaves dance in your cup, that you can explore the depths of your thoughts and feelings. It's an invitation to pause, reflect, and embrace the serenity that tea brings.

At CocoFood, we believe that tea should be a canvas for your imagination. With our modern approach to tea, you can create your own tea rituals and stories. Each blend, from the delicate greens to the robust blacks, carries a tale waiting to be unraveled. It's an open invitation to explore, experiment, and find the tea that resonates with your unique journey.

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Community Impact


In the heart of these mountainous provinces, where life often presents challenges, we've discovered a wellspring of resilience and potential within the local farming communities. Through our partnership with farmers in Ha Giang and Son La, we're not only sourcing the finest ingredients; we're also helping to transform uncertainty into stability. A more stable life for them translates to a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

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Real-life Stories


In 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors on the frontlines were unable to enjoy the Full Moon festival like they used to. In a show of appreciation, CocoFood stepped in and gave 500 gift packages to these hardworking healthcare heroes

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Empowering Communities and Cultivating Traditions


Investment in and harnessing the value of ancient tea trees at the local level. We collaborated with local authorities to guide residents in the protection, care, harvesting, and deep processing of ancient tea tree products, successfully establishing a product brand.

Eco-Conscious Packaging


At CocoFood, we prioritize sustainability in our packaging choices. We opt for eco-friendly materials like paper packaging, which not only enhances the freshness and quality of our products but also aligns with our commitment to reduce environmental impact.

Environment Impact


At CocoFood, we're dedicated to sustainable sourcing practices. We work hand in hand with local farmers who employ eco-friendly farming techniques, ensuring that our ingredients are grown and harvested in harmony with the environment. By supporting these sustainable farming communities, we not only deliver quality products but also contribute to the preservation of precious ecosystems.

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